About company

With kind regards
Management of company „AI ENGINEERING”
Aivars Belousovs
Project leader
Ivans Kirilovs
Chief engineer

Company „AI ENGINEERING” is creative union of the best experts in such branches as architecture, building structures, engineer networks and road designing. Our company offers to customers optimal options to achieve their goals.
High qualitative development standards of designing documentation, modern equipment, qualified experts gives us the chance to develop the qualitative project and estimate documentation in short terms.

Company „AI ENGINEERING” develops designs of:

Many-storey buildings and hotels:

Designing of guest houses and hotels of different categories and roominess;
Designing of many-storey dwellings of different price levels;
Complex designing of cottage village with developed infrastructure.

Administrative buildings and structures:

Designing of education institutions (projects of preschools, schools etc.);
Designing of office and multifunctional complexes of various importance;
Designing of sport buildings (stadiums, swimming-pools etc.);
Designing of culture buildings (theatres, cinemas, concert halls etc.)
Designing of supermarkets (malls department stores etc.).

Industrial designing:

Designing of warehouse complexes (terminals, warehouses, logistic centres etc.);
Designing of engineering buildings (different functional importance).

Several especially positive aspects of activity of „AI ENGINEERING”

1. We are fulfilling all phases of designing to start up with conceptual designs and ending with working documentation by ourselves or together with other engineering companies and experts.
2. We are making collaboration in adaptation of Project documentation with company representatives in Germany, Sweden and Russia.

All our solutions are directed to achieve with our customers the long term perspective collaboration. We are secure of our potentialities and are fully meeting our contractual obligations. We want to become the best designers for our customers and ensure them simple and pleasant collaboration!